Prehistory of Evesland

The tale was told through the Kingdom that long ago when all was almost gone to ruin, a boy was called to lead his people into a prosperous land. Gabriel was his name and he was sent on a journey to find the place where his people would find new life and joy. He grew up in a poor home, but a home that was rich with love. 

When Gabriel was all but fourteen his parents died in a plague and he went to live with the elder’s in the community. The elders were wise women and men and they had heard of his joyful spirit. Though Gabriel did struggle with the loss of his parents, he did not lose hope. He knew his parents would want him to never lose his joy. So Gabriel went open minded to live with the elders and they helped him grieve his family and move on. Gabriel learned from them and they picked him for an important quest. Gabriel’s people did not know, but a dark man had gained much power and was planning to take over his people and destroy them. The elders were wise, but did not know how to stop this from happening. 

When Gabriel was finally old enough they sent him out on the quest to find a safe place to hide their people. He journeyed far, he fought temptations within himself, fighting discouragement and the desire to turn back. He doubted his abilities to lead his people and find a new home for them, for everywhere he went a darkness loomed near. Gabriel did not realize that the darkness was from a powerful man who had been following him, for he hid within the darkness and never showed himself. One night when he grew weary of searching he found himself by a riverside. Gabriel followed it upstream and it stopped near a waterfall. He tried to rest there for it was beautiful and the sound of the waterfalls was peaceful. Gabriel began to once again feel uneasy so he packed up and followed the river back downstream. Gabriel followed it for a long while, until the river led onto a large lake where beautiful tall trees circled all around. He stopped to drink the water from the lake and rest. Not too long into his slumber, he awoke to hear a creature lurking nearby. The creature was watching him and all around the creature was a dark smog, the only thing Gabriel could see through the smog was a pair of eyes. Gabriel was furious that after finding such a beautiful place he would have to continue his search. He then realized that this creature may continue to follow him and find him wherever he went. He decided that he was done making his people wait for a safe land to call home. Gabriel said to himself,  “I am fighting this creature tonight and this beautiful place is where I shall bring my people”. 

He drew his sword and made a vow, “My people will find joy by these waters and the darkness will never enter this place again”. The creature then approached him, making its way out of the smog. Gabriel discovered he was just a man, he was not an ugly monster, but his eyes were void and dark. 

 “I have followed you for a long time. I will keep following you and your people no matter where you settle.” said the man of darkness. 

Gabriel replied to him, “We will settle here and our joy will fill this land and flow through these waters. Your darkness, it will have no place here.” Gabriel then drew out his sword and the dark man drew his. They began to fight near the water. The dark man was very strong and caused a storm to blow around them. Strong winds blew through the trees and lifted water from the lake into the sky. The sky began to form dark clouds and rain flew down upon them. The rain made the ground slick but Gabriel was determined to stand strong and fight him. Gabriel told himself he would not back down, but fight this man to his death. Gabriel was surprised to discover a new strength in battle he did not know he had. Gabriel fought hard and with each blow of the sword the darkness around the man began to fade and the storm began to weaken. Gabriel grew stronger. The time came when Gabriel gave one final blow to the dark man and he flew back falling into the waters. The legend says it felt like an earthquake shook through the ground. Gabriel looked up and he saw the stars above and they looked as if they were moving in a circle over the lake. A star shot from the sky down onto the lake and a beautiful light hovered overhead. The light began to ascend down towards Gabriel. 

The light took the shape of a woman and called to him “Gabriel, you were willing to sacrifice much for your people’s joy, risking your own life fighting the darkness, you were brave and for that your people will find safety and joy here. The dark creature will be cast out of these lands. Unfortunately since you did not fight him the first time you felt him or saw him near, he grew in strength. He did not die tonight, but was weakened badly. Someday he may return one day. For now your people are safe, but someday new heros will arise, and will fight the darkness and end it for good. I shall stay here to watch over people and share my wisdom, that your people may learn how to live this new life better. I will teach them how to live peaceful, happy lives and most importantly how to love one another. For without it darkness may seep in and destroy your people again. Joy is the key to the light. Peace is the key to a whole and healthy heart. Love… love is the key to everything. Rest and then return to your people. Tell them of all that has taken place and bring them here, that I may teach them how to live again.”

Gabriel returned first to the Elders and told them all that had taken place. They were overjoyed and filled with happiness. They gathered messengers and sent out the good news to all the people far and wide. They told the people to come together and journey to this new place where they could start a new life. The news quickly spread and many began to follow Gabriel back to this new land and to their new lives. When they had arrived they saw that all Gabriel had said was true. The land was beautiful and was filled with many foods to harvest, game to hunt, and clean waters to drink. Gabriel announced a celebration would be held to honor the spirit of light which would help them to start their new lives. During the celebration the people gave the magical woman a new name, Eve, for she taught them how to live a good life. Eve fell in love with the people and fell in love with Gabriel. She gave up her immortal spirit to stay among the people and to marry Gabriel. Though she gave up her immortal state, her powers remained for her human life. Gabriel and her had many children together and they too shared in her magic.  The people adored Eve, making her their Queen and Gabriel King. The people declared that the land be called Evesland. Eve was so blessed by her people that she used her powers to create a way for the people to always be nearby. She dug her hands into the soil by the lake and the large trees all around began to change. The branches of the trees connected to one another like bridges in the sky. The people then built their homes up in the trees.

Now connected, the people would celebrate often together. They were overjoyed for they were no longer hungry and everyone was in good health.  For many years they lived together in the trees and celebrated. They could often be seen singing and dancing throughout the trees. The people were prosperous for many years and grew in numbers, so some families decided to leave the main village. Some people built farms in the fields just outside of the village where the harvest was plenty. Then there were some who settled in the woods where the game was good for hunting. Some folks settled by the waterfall where they discovered gems in the water caves. The people used the gems to make beautiful jeweled crowns for the King and Queen. The once small village on the lake grew and the people created a Kingdom that was strong. The people were so happy, that they forgot all about the darkness that had come before.

More to come…